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UPDATED 06.15.2005

Title : Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again

Airdate: TBA

Great news Knots Fans !  The Knots Landing 25th Anniversary Reunion is in the works, scheduled to tape mid-June in Hollywood.  Confirmed cast members includes Joan Van Ark, Michele Lee, WIlliam Devane, Ted Shackelford, Kevin Dobson, Michelle Phillips, Lisa Hartman-Black , Donna Mills and Julie Harris Other performers, including original cast member Don Murray, will appear in the show as well.  There will also be some surprise guests.

The show will be similar to the DALLAS reunion in that it will be two hours long and will include lots and lots of clips and remembrances from cast members in pairs and in a group.  The show will be taped without a studio audience in Hollywood.  There will be a visit to the original Knots Landing cul-de-sac.  There is no airdate as of yet, but it will more than likely air in the fall.  The title is yet to be confirmed.

The show reunites the same production team responsible for DALLAS REUNION: THE RETURN TO SOUTHFORK:  Henry Winkler and Michael Levitt are the Executive Producers, Gregory Sills is the Supervising Producer, Gary Tellalian is Producer, Michael Dempsey is Director and Stephen Pouliot is the Writer.  Linda Giambrone is the Executive in Charge of Production and James Yarnell is the Production Designer.  In addition, Michael Filerman and David Jacobs are serving as Co-Executive Producers.

We will be bringing you further news as it comes in.

To discuss this now or if you have a question regarding the Reunion click here

Gal pals come in for a 'Landing'

GRANADA HILLS, Calif. — Knots Landing glam gals Michele Lee (Karen), Donna Mills (Abby) and Joan Van Ark (Valene) were TV's original desperate housewives — loving, losing and lusting after their neighbors for 14 seasons.

But the behavior of these sexy 62-year-olds on the set of Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again, a retrospective special airing on CBS this fall, suggests that the ladies of Seaview Circle could teach the women of Wisteria Lane a thing or two about photo-shoot etiquette.

As the temperature hit 100 degrees Tuesday at the San Fernando Valley cul-de-sac where the prime-time soap was shot from 1979 to 1993, makeup began to melt.

And each of the ladies, dressed in gowns from their own closets, madly primped before hand-held mirrors as a photographer positioned them for a cast photo alongside Ted Shackelford (Gary), Kevin Dobson (Mack), William Devane (Sumner), Michelle Phillips (Anne), Lisa Hartman (Cathy) and a surprise guest, 79-year-old Julie Harris (Lilimae).

But unlike Desperate Housewives' much-publicized Vanity Fair cover shoot, which involved Knots Reunion no-show Nicollette Sheridan (who is on a worldwide Housewives promotional tour), not one actress attempted to upstage another.

"I walked up to the photographer before we started and said, 'I think the two blondes (Van Ark and Mills) should be standing together,' because I didn't think it would look good with me in the center with a blonde on either side," says Lee, who ended up in the center anyway. "The reason this show ran so long is because we are all healthy professionals. Donna speaks out for what she wants, quietly. Joan does her own thing. And I make it very understood what my needs are and defuse a lot with humor."

"We were an acting company, not an ego company," Mills adds.

Van Ark says the only tense reunion moment occurred during a scene when she ad-libbed: "The only reason you want to watch these reunions is to see whether we're in wheelchairs or on walkers." Another actress, whom Van Ark declines to name, demanded that the line be cut and the scene be restarted.

"But it is true," says Van Ark, who is never far from her treasured "Mona," a hand mirror bearing the image of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. "Why else watch this reunion but to see how we look?"

"Hair and makeup was a big part of the show," acknowledges Hartman, who describes herself as "low maintenance" but remembers seeing Van Ark driving through Beverly Hills while applying mascara.

"We'd always lose about a half a day because of hair and makeup," Shackelford remembers. "But what did I care? I had a job."

All are quick to spoof their vanities ("How can you not?" asks Mills, a self-described "lighting freak"), but no one will cop to nips or tucks.

Phillips has been dating L.A. plastic surgeon Steven Zax for six years. She came to the reunion prepared to witness signs of facial reconstruction but says she found no scars among her co-stars. "And I can see it," she says.

"Fortunately, no one on this show has done (plastic surgery)," Dobson says, adding with a smirk: "Not today anyway."

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